The 2015 National Survey of Marine Users

From 20th February – 20th April 2015, we ran a national survey of marine users in Australia – that’s anyone who loves to fish, dive, go boating, sailing or just walking along the beach. The survey was open to any Australian residents, 15 years or older, who visit the beach or ocean at least once a year.

PLEASE NOTE: SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you all who participated!

What’s it all about?

The survey is helping us to understand these three things: the IF, WHY and HOW of public involvement in marine research.

IF – we want to know whether people are interested in getting involved in marine research, or not.

WHY – we want to know why people would or would not help marine researchers.

HOW – we want to know how people would prefer to get involved in marine research.

There are plenty of ways people can exchange information with marine scientists these days, helping us all to understand what is going on in the marine environment. But no one has stopped to ask the public whether they want to participate in marine research, and if they do, what sort of projects people would be interested in.

This was a chance for the public to have their say and help us understand which sort of projects marine scientists should be putting their time and effort into.

Who could participate?

In this survey, we asked to speak to:

  • Australian citizens or residents, who are
  • 15 years old or over, and
  • visit the beach or ocean at least once a year.

This meant fishermen and women, divers, boaties, beachwalkers, surfers, kayakers, spearfishers, yachties, ocean swimmers, kite surfers, jet skiers … the list goes on! Anyone who loves getting on or in the water around Australia’s fabulous coastline. Here’s one of our favourite fishermen, Ash, to explain a bit more…

How long did the survey take to complete?

The online survey took most people 20-30 minutes, depending on their answers. A small number were quicker than that, and a few were slower.

I’ve answered the survey: Is the information safe?

Of course, all your answers will remain confidential and anonymous. Only grouped responses will be reported so no one can be identified. And your participation is entirely voluntary, meaning you could pull out any time during the survey. (Please note that only fully completed surveys qualified for the prize draw.)

We respect your privacy!

If you entered the prize draw, your contact details are only used for us to contact you if you won one of the prizes. Your details will not be passed on to anyone.

If you choose to sign up for email notification of the results, your email address will only be used for this purpose. If you would rather receive updates and notification of the results via Facebook, you can follow our research page by clicking here and selecting the ‘Like’ button.

Is this research approved by the university?

Yes, the Ethics Approval Number is ECN-15-059. You can find more information about the project by downloading Information Sheet for National survey 2015 (click here).

We thank you for your time and interest in our project.