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Marine ExChanges is a research project about marine citizen science. The project has come to completion, however this page will continue to be updated with news and publications as they happen.

Contact details

To contact Vicki (Victoria) Martin, please click here to use the contact form.

Or to find out more about Vicki’s current research at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the U.S.A, and publications, please visit bit.ly/VYMartin.

June 2018 Update: Podcast interview

SAGE has re-instigated its podcast series for its journal, Science Communication. For this, they interviewed Vicki about her February 2017 article, ” Citizen Science as a Means for Increasing Public Engagement in Science: Presumption or Possibility?”

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March 2017 Update: Publication

Citizen Science as a Means for Increasing Public Engagement in Science: Presumption or Possibility?

The final analysis from the national survey of marine users has been published in the journal Science Communication.(From March 2017 it is available online first, but will be published in the April Special Issue.) In this article, I look at the likelihood that citizen science will engage people who are less-than-enthusiastic about science. If you would like a copy of the article, please feel free to contact me.

Or you can download a copy of the postprint here:
V Martin_Science Communication_postprint_March 2017

The final, definitive version of this paper has been published in Science Communication, Online first, March 2017 published by SAGE Publishing, All rights reserved. http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/1075547017696165

August 2016 Update: Publications and a Podcast

Public Interest in Marine Citizen Science

Great news – our paper in the journal, BioScience, has been awarded ‘Editor’s Choice’. This means it is now FREELY ACCESSIBLE (open access). Click here, or on the title below to read it online, or download the pdf from the journal’s website. The full reference is:

Martin, V. Y., Christidis, L., & Pecl, G. T. (2016). Public Interest in Marine Citizen Science: Is there Potential for Growth? BioScience, 66(8), 683-692. doi: 10.1093/biosci/biw070

News item: Ocean research


Podcast: Marine Citizen Science

The Senior Editor of BioScience, James Verdier, discusses the research from the Marine ExChanges project with Vicki Martin in the ‘BioScience Talks’ series. To listen to, or download, the podcast, visit: Marine Citizen Science podcast (io.aibs.org/citsci)

What Influences Public Contributions to Marine Research?

A third publication from this research is also now available (by subscription to the journal, or use our contact form to request it from us, and we’ll email you a copy). The reference is:

Martin, V., Smith, L., Bowling, A., Christidis, L., Lloyd, D., & Pecl, G. (2016). Citizens as Scientists: What Influences Public Contributions to Marine Research? Science Communication, 38(4), 495-522. doi: 10.1177/1075547016656191

Click here, or on the reference above, to take you to the publication.

Many thanks to everyone who helped make this research possible.

June 2016 Update: Publications

The first analysis of the Marine ExChanges survey data has now been published! The reference is:

Martin, V. Y., Christidis, L., & Pecl, G. T. (2016). Public Interest in Marine Citizen Science: Is there Potential for Growth? BioScience. doi: 10.1093/biosci/biw070

In this article we examined how much public interest there is in volunteering for marine citizen science (turns out there is quite a lot!) We also looked at the types of people who are most likely to volunteer.

If you would like a copy of the published article, please click here to email your request

Thanks to everyone who completed the survey and made this research possible.

February 2016 Update: Publications

We are pleased to announce the following publications from this project.

First, the results of 110 face-to-face interviews, which helped the development of the national survey questions, has been published in the open-access Journal of Science Communication. You can access the publication here: Marine Exchanges Interview Publication

The second is a poster of some of the national survey data results, which is available here: Marine Exchanges Poster. The poster won the ‘Outstanding Poster Presentation Prize’ at the 2016 Species on the Move conference in Hobart, Tasmania.

Thanks again to all those who have assisted this research in so many different ways – there are, literally, thousands of you!


June 2015 Update: Initial survey results

From April – May 2015 we ran a national survey to find out public opinion about assisting marine research. Thanks to all who helped make this survey possible! Here are some highlights from the results so far. For more information on the survey, please click the links to the left.

Survey infographic(1)

*** OUR SURVEY  is now CLOSED ***

Thank you all who participated and congratulations to all the winners of the prize draw! To find out who they are click here to go to our Prize Draw page. All winners have been notified directly.

Marine ExChanges is a research project looking at public involvement in marine science.

In particular, we are asking if, why and how people are willing to participate in marine research.

We’re investigating the exchange of information between the public and marine scientists about changes in our oceans. It’s about improving ways for scientists to learn from the public, and vice versa.

So, what do you think …

Would you get involved in marine research, if you could? 

Why, or why not?

If you would, how would you prefer to help marine research?

All fully completed surveys went into the draw for over $2000 worth of great prizes! The prize draw was announced on 30th April, via video (see above) and on our Facebook page. Thanks to all who entered!

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